Saturday, March 14, 2009

why Dyes?

Red 40 what?
did you know that a lot of processed food items you will find on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store and maybe even in your pantry at home contain dye?  food coloring that is.  thanks to our visual need to please we find colorful items that capture our attention all over supermarket shelves.  problem is ... we are Consuming that dye and not thinking a thing of it!  and when i read that certain food dyes have been Banned in other countries... that makes me ask Why?
the good ol' FDA
"thanks to FDA approval of certain food dyes, the amount of dye consumed by American Children has increased from 12 mg per day in 1955 to 59 mg Per Day in 2007.  but in june 2008, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA to ban eight synthetic food dyes, claiming they cause Hyperactivity and Other Behavioral Problems in children.  the food dyes listed in the petition include Yellow 5 and Red 40, the two Most Common Dyes used in the United States along with Green 3, Orange B, Blue 1, Red 3, Blue 2, and Yellow 6.  common cereals and candies that contain one or more of these questionable food dyes are -apple jacks, fruit loops, fruity cheerios, lucky charms, fruity pebbles, trix, starburst, skittles, & m&ms." -Dr. Don Colbert, "eat this & live"    and i found it interesting to read that, "several major studies show academic performance Increased and disciplinary problems Decreased in Large non-ADD student populations when Artificial Ingredients, Including artificial Colors, were Eliminated from school food programs".  -from "a different kind of school lunch, Pure Facts"  i think it would be interesting if all of my teacher friends would ask their students what they had for breakfast... it may be rather eye opening to hear that those 'can't sit still' students feasted on a large bowl of lucky charms and a glass of chocolate milk before getting to school.  or those poor kids who were in such a rush that they didn't have time for breakfast and now they are too distracted by hunger to pay attention.
so why
why is it that not many people tend to ask "why" nearly enough?  i think we all could benefit from the typical 2 year olds monotonous question to their parent "why" by beginning to ask that same question ourselves.  why is it that so many children today are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and other behavioral disorders, why is it that so many adults suffer from numerous numerous health concerns from diabetes to cancers to degenerative diseases? could is possibly be linked to what we Are putting in our mouth or Not putting in our mouths?  now don't get me wrong, by no means am i saying that ALL things link back to food dyes - since that's todays topic, but what i am saying is that the more and more And More i read i'm finding that too many doctors are beginning to agree that we are slowly poisoning ourselves -sometimes knowing it and not caring (because we can pop a pill later in life) and sometimes for lack of knowledge.  so... if there is one great thing i Encourage Each of you taking the time to read this to do ... it's get out there and grab at least One book on food/nutrition - a great recommendation -not a thick read -every page has pictures -book would be "Eat This And Live" by Dr. Don Colbert (quoted above).  
no excuses
for todays high tech world.... None of us have any excuse not to gain wisdom and insight into what we're Feeding our body!  what you're eating today.... is it bringing Life and encouraging Health & Repair?  i read a great comment once that said - if someone was to give you a car & tell you that -that car was going to be the Only car you ever have to own/drive throughout your Entire life you would most likely take great care of it - regular oil changes and tune ups, new tires every so many miles, etc.  you would be willing to put the energy and money required into that vehicle because after all you're never going to own another.  well our bodies are just that .... our Only Vehicle in this life of ours here on earth.  so if you ask me ... You are Well Worth the Effort!

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