Saturday, February 21, 2009

bubbles & your bones

for all you Soda lovers
okay ... so yes i use to love soda too - especially cherry coke - it was truly once a weakness of mine especially while watching a movie and eating popcorn -could hardly do without.... that is until i read some Disturbing and Alarming Facts!  for example... did you know that the average soda has the equivalent to at least 9 teaspoons of sugar?  if that little tid bit doesn't get you (it didn't me at first either) here's another that may hit home if any of you have family members who suffer from this....
"beverages with bubbles contain phosphoric acid, which is harmful to calcium metabolism and Diminishes Bone Mass.  this means that drinking sodas and carbonated water Increases your risk of Osteoporosis.  sometimes carbonation occurs naturally, as in certain spring water, but unfortunately this too has High Levels of phosphoric acid.  if you're going to live a good long time you'll need healthy bones, so it's best to choose teas, light juice blends, and flat spring water to quench your thirst" -Dr. Maoshing Ni "Secrets of Longevity"
and we wonder why
ever wonder why SO MANY kids these day are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD??  i sure do.  well i'm def. no doctor -as you all know - but this little tid-bit did make me wonder if there is perhaps any connection??  "soft drinks are a problem not only for what they contain but for what they push out of the diet.  in 1977-78 boys consumed More that twice as much Milk as soft drinks and girls consumed 50% more milk than soft drinks.  by 1994-96 Both boys and girls consumed Twice as much Soda as milk!  heavy soft drink consumption is associated with Lower Intake of Numerous Vitamins, Minerals & dietary Fiber" also "frequent consumers of soft drinks may be at higher risk of Kidney Stones and slightly higher risk of Heart Disease" -Liquid Candy -CSPI
but don't worry
"now that you have the facts and you're staring at a month's supply of soda you just bought, don't panic.  your purchase need not go to waste.  according to numerous household cleaning web sites, soda CAN clean your Toilet, eliminate Rust from a car bumper, and remove Grease from clothing. not kidding!" -Carol Candeloro "the truth about soda"

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