Monday, December 28, 2009

After the Holidays... YOU deserve a Massage!

no better time then the present
so everyone knows that the Christmas Season can definitely stress us out! we're running from store to store - house to house -buying and spending - giving and receiving -it's all really enough to make any sane person through their hands up and say "wow I can't wait for it all to be over"! and how very sad is that? the happiest time of the year turns out to be a rush that a lot of people are looking forward to putting behind them while looking forward to getting back to their daily routine. i say to those people - myself included - WE deserve a MASSAGE! and for those penny pinchers - here are plenty of HEALTHY reasons why you should NOT feel guilty spending a little bit on yourself... your loved ones will also thank you!
eliminate those toxins
if you didn't know - your body is full of toxins -whether they be attained through your Christmas munchies and binging or through the outside world around us -either way it's a fact that we can build up and overload our system. so a MASSAGE is a great was to 'stimulate the lymphatic system helping to reduce fluid retention and eliminate toxins'.
get your blood flowing
a great way other than the obvious 'get out and exercise way' to increase your Oxygen is... yes.. a massage. increasing the Oxygen and Nutrient supply to the tissues by increasing the blood circulation' -something a massage definitely helps make happen! and we all know that when our oxygen levels are up and our blood is flowing we just plain feel better ...our endorphins are flowing -you know -the body's natural 'happy drug' -hence why your loved ones will thank you!
hormones hormones
ask any man and i'm sure he will tell you that women's hormones are to blame for a lot of things! lol - again -another reason to convince your man that a massage will be money well spent - it 'helps to restore balance and to regulate hormone production in the body'!
a cold and flu fighter?
around this time of year you begin to hear a lot of people asking "have you had your flu shot"? these days it seems like such a normal thing to inquire... however... why not ask someone if they've had a massage... which "stimulates that body's NATURAL IMMUNE system"! and if you know me - you know i am much more about "Natural" than I am man made-mass produced anything! for all those who have gotten their flu shot -don't hate me- just keep building up your system in other natural ways too! =)
stress-we all feel it
stress ...stressed out... tight muscles... headaches... we've all felt those things at one time or another! a great way to "reduce bodily tensions and easing stiff, tight muscles that can be caused by stress" is booking a nice hands-on professional to help!
energy drained-mind chaotic
with all the running that we do even on a daily basis - it all seems elevated during this time of year -draining us from our energy -leaving us longing for our bed at night -desiring for the kids to call it a night hours before their bedtime - no wonder so many look forward to getting beyond Christmas! so... i know you already know what's coming... but a massage actually 'helps increase energy levels, promotes a general state of happiness and well-being, and calms and soothes the mind'!
enough said
so... i hope that i have convinced you that you NEED to splurge on yourself ... and if money is an object then put that loved one of yours to work! you deserve it! now i'm going to sign off and make myself an appointment today!

*facts from "the detox cookbook" by Maggie Pannell*

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

letS thInk aBout tHis....

as my husband brought to my attention
on the news last week... at least in our area - there was a report given that a long term study had been done on the health benefits of eating Organic - reporting that there was no added nutritional value when comparing Organic & conventional (non-organic) foods.  
my question to you
since when is everything that's reported on the news - true?  i believe it's quite sad that a news report such as this one can cause people to throw up there hands - and beliefs - that their Organic practices in food purchases have gone on in vain.  i personally don't buy into this report - completely.  when i say 'completely' what i mean by this is that even if there is some truth behind the study done - a complete study can not come across as truth until both sides are greatly exposed.  
being vague in the description on 'nutritional' differences may lead some to believe that their body receives no different health advantage over choosing to eat Organic.   this would be incorrect.  if we take this study at face value and say there is no gain in nutritional value - what we miss is the gain in toxins and pesticides!  this kind of study i can only hope - at best - causes some to buy Organic when what they are buying will be consumed in it's entirety - meaning skin and all - example a tomato or strawberry vs. a banana or pineapple (where you don't consume the outer portion).  it surely doesn't take much for someone to realize that when foods get sprayed with chemicals to keep bugs off - those chemicals are being absorbed by that food to some degree -which will later be consumed by the buyer.  if you need more proof on this - just take a limp piece of celery and stick it in some water and watch it perk right up.  foods will absorb some of what they come in contact with - much like the human skin absorbs up to 60% of what we place on it!  proof in that would be in the sales of nicotine patches and the birth control patch -but that's a whole other story in & of itself.
i said all that to say this
despite the latest news report it doesn't take much research on your part to realize there are benefits to buying Organic when possible.  there IS more nutritional value in a tomato that wasn't 'sprayed with gas while green to come out on a truck ready for the market a nice shiny red' - and no news report will get me to believe otherwise. just check the facts for yourself... that's all i can ask! 

Sunday, August 2, 2009

WateR... yoU're Full of iT!

so you've heard by now
Water makes up 65% percent of the human body & 92% of your blood.  sound like a lot?  it is!  that's exactly why it is so important to Drink Plenty of it!  and if you're still confused as to why drinking pure Water is so important... read on!
the obvious
we all know the importance of not allowing our bodies to become dehydrated... Water prevents dehydration.  but did you know if we drink too little Water we will likely suffer from constipation and increase our risk of heat exhaustion or even heat stroke (the temperature of your body is Controlled through Water).  
but did you know
Lack of Water can also make us more susceptible to asthma attacks, dental disease, kidney stones, and urinary track infections.  'consumer reports on health' warns that if we do not monitor an adequate Daily Intake of Water, we may be increasing our chances of getting a cold or Even Cancer!  if we become dehydrated, we can also suffer from headaches, fatigue, lightheadedness, muscle cramps, and slightly dulled thinking.  
what someone else has to say
paul bragg, a world-famous physical fitness authority (according to the book i'm reading they classify him as this- me- i've never heard of the guy but thought i'd pass on to you what he has to say in case you have) said- "i think that the excessively nervous person and/or the mentally upset person is so obsessed with his/her own worries and hang-ups that he just forgets to drink water and liquids of the right kind.  instead he dopes himself on alcohol, tea, coffee, and cola drink.  this complicates his/her nervous condition and burning, toxic acid forms in the stomach with no water to dilute it.  so on top of his/her nervousness and depression, he/she suffers from sour acid stomach, heartburn, gas-bloat, and other miseries.  instead of drinking water, many people take aspirin, use cigarettes and other stimulants.  remember that the nerves need the correct amount of water to function properly and smoothly.  we Need to drink 6 to 8 glasses of Water Each Day.  you can plainly see that it is possibly to suffer from Water Starvation."
what else does water do
Water has many Critical Benefits, including helping keep us Free from Infections & making spinal fluid to cushion and control the nervous system.  it is also Necessary for All Digestive absorption, circulatory and excretory functions as well as for the utilization of the water-soluble vitamins.  as the book i'm reading "the bible's 7 secrets to healthy eating" by joyce rogers continues saying... 'we think we have to add something to water - tea, coffee, carbonation, flavor or sugar but really what we need is to make a deliberate choice to return to plain old-fashioned water.  and when our taste buds have made the adjustment, how much better everything will taste.  
and what i've noticed
the More Water you drink.... the more Water your body - you- will crave.  and if you happen to be like some i know who say they don't like water - well Make yourself Drink it Anyway!  and again... the more you drink... the more you'll crave.  & just think about it for a moment ... the fact is that Water is something your Body Needs - not an opinion but a Fact.  if someone handed you a glass and said - Drink Up if you want to Live - you would drink wouldn't you?  well here i am -virtually- handing you a glass and telling you to Drink Up! *cheers*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

why Dyes?

Red 40 what?
did you know that a lot of processed food items you will find on the shelves of your neighborhood grocery store and maybe even in your pantry at home contain dye?  food coloring that is.  thanks to our visual need to please we find colorful items that capture our attention all over supermarket shelves.  problem is ... we are Consuming that dye and not thinking a thing of it!  and when i read that certain food dyes have been Banned in other countries... that makes me ask Why?
the good ol' FDA
"thanks to FDA approval of certain food dyes, the amount of dye consumed by American Children has increased from 12 mg per day in 1955 to 59 mg Per Day in 2007.  but in june 2008, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA to ban eight synthetic food dyes, claiming they cause Hyperactivity and Other Behavioral Problems in children.  the food dyes listed in the petition include Yellow 5 and Red 40, the two Most Common Dyes used in the United States along with Green 3, Orange B, Blue 1, Red 3, Blue 2, and Yellow 6.  common cereals and candies that contain one or more of these questionable food dyes are -apple jacks, fruit loops, fruity cheerios, lucky charms, fruity pebbles, trix, starburst, skittles, & m&ms." -Dr. Don Colbert, "eat this & live"    and i found it interesting to read that, "several major studies show academic performance Increased and disciplinary problems Decreased in Large non-ADD student populations when Artificial Ingredients, Including artificial Colors, were Eliminated from school food programs".  -from "a different kind of school lunch, Pure Facts"  i think it would be interesting if all of my teacher friends would ask their students what they had for breakfast... it may be rather eye opening to hear that those 'can't sit still' students feasted on a large bowl of lucky charms and a glass of chocolate milk before getting to school.  or those poor kids who were in such a rush that they didn't have time for breakfast and now they are too distracted by hunger to pay attention.
so why
why is it that not many people tend to ask "why" nearly enough?  i think we all could benefit from the typical 2 year olds monotonous question to their parent "why" by beginning to ask that same question ourselves.  why is it that so many children today are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and other behavioral disorders, why is it that so many adults suffer from numerous numerous health concerns from diabetes to cancers to degenerative diseases? could is possibly be linked to what we Are putting in our mouth or Not putting in our mouths?  now don't get me wrong, by no means am i saying that ALL things link back to food dyes - since that's todays topic, but what i am saying is that the more and more And More i read i'm finding that too many doctors are beginning to agree that we are slowly poisoning ourselves -sometimes knowing it and not caring (because we can pop a pill later in life) and sometimes for lack of knowledge.  so... if there is one great thing i Encourage Each of you taking the time to read this to do ... it's get out there and grab at least One book on food/nutrition - a great recommendation -not a thick read -every page has pictures -book would be "Eat This And Live" by Dr. Don Colbert (quoted above).  
no excuses
for todays high tech world.... None of us have any excuse not to gain wisdom and insight into what we're Feeding our body!  what you're eating today.... is it bringing Life and encouraging Health & Repair?  i read a great comment once that said - if someone was to give you a car & tell you that -that car was going to be the Only car you ever have to own/drive throughout your Entire life you would most likely take great care of it - regular oil changes and tune ups, new tires every so many miles, etc.  you would be willing to put the energy and money required into that vehicle because after all you're never going to own another.  well our bodies are just that .... our Only Vehicle in this life of ours here on earth.  so if you ask me ... You are Well Worth the Effort!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

bubbles & your bones

for all you Soda lovers
okay ... so yes i use to love soda too - especially cherry coke - it was truly once a weakness of mine especially while watching a movie and eating popcorn -could hardly do without.... that is until i read some Disturbing and Alarming Facts!  for example... did you know that the average soda has the equivalent to at least 9 teaspoons of sugar?  if that little tid bit doesn't get you (it didn't me at first either) here's another that may hit home if any of you have family members who suffer from this....
"beverages with bubbles contain phosphoric acid, which is harmful to calcium metabolism and Diminishes Bone Mass.  this means that drinking sodas and carbonated water Increases your risk of Osteoporosis.  sometimes carbonation occurs naturally, as in certain spring water, but unfortunately this too has High Levels of phosphoric acid.  if you're going to live a good long time you'll need healthy bones, so it's best to choose teas, light juice blends, and flat spring water to quench your thirst" -Dr. Maoshing Ni "Secrets of Longevity"
and we wonder why
ever wonder why SO MANY kids these day are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD??  i sure do.  well i'm def. no doctor -as you all know - but this little tid-bit did make me wonder if there is perhaps any connection??  "soft drinks are a problem not only for what they contain but for what they push out of the diet.  in 1977-78 boys consumed More that twice as much Milk as soft drinks and girls consumed 50% more milk than soft drinks.  by 1994-96 Both boys and girls consumed Twice as much Soda as milk!  heavy soft drink consumption is associated with Lower Intake of Numerous Vitamins, Minerals & dietary Fiber" also "frequent consumers of soft drinks may be at higher risk of Kidney Stones and slightly higher risk of Heart Disease" -Liquid Candy -CSPI
but don't worry
"now that you have the facts and you're staring at a month's supply of soda you just bought, don't panic.  your purchase need not go to waste.  according to numerous household cleaning web sites, soda CAN clean your Toilet, eliminate Rust from a car bumper, and remove Grease from clothing. not kidding!" -Carol Candeloro "the truth about soda"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Incredible Edible Egg

forget what you've heard
i heard of several people who have been told to remove egg yolks from their diet in order to control their cholesterol -have you?  well i have news for them... and for you... the Whole Egg is great for you Yolk and all!
downfall of the 50's
"the 'Egg Scare' started in the 1950s during a promotional campaign that condemned cholesterol.  patients and doctors held fast to the idea that eggs should be avoided because of their high cholesterol content, despite the fact that hundreds of studies show that the amount of cholesterol we eat has little influence on our blood cholesterol levels.  a study in the British Medical Journal showed that seven eggs per week combined with a low-glycemic carbohydrates and high fiber did not raise cholesterol levels at all.  the cholesterol level inside the yolk is high, But eggs yolks are also high in two Key Components: choline and lecithin.  choline Dissolves cholesterol in our arteries, so when the Whole Egg is eaten and digested, its Healing properties are sent throughout the bloodstream.  after digestion, the choline inside the egg yolk Dissolves the cholesterol and already in the arteries, and Lecithin actually takes Fat and Cholesterol and Melts it so that it can be passed through the body and Not attach to artery walls!.... God knew what He was doing when He made the Whole Egg!"  Dr. Asa Andrew "empowering your health"
so the next time you make or order Eggs ... eat the Yolk too!  your body will thank you!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


remember when
"do you remember making papier-mache' in elementary school?  you used Flour and water to make a Glue that was hard as concrete.  it has a Similar effect in the body.  Processed Flour Blocks the absorption of nutrients in our digestive systems.  if you are going to eat Bread, choose Sprouted Grain bread such as Ezekiel bread or spelt bread.  remember if the flour product is Not Frozen it has been Processed." -Dr. Asa Andrew "Empowering Your Health"  Okay so does that make you think or what??
Ezekiel bread...?
Ezekiel bread is great - i've been eating this type of bread for over a year now - and you can find it in the frozen section of the newer Giant stores and of course Whole Foods and most any health food store.  there are several different kinds... drew & i love the cinnamon raisin bread.  
another little tid-bit
according to the American Diabetes Association "if we don't change our eating habits, in the next few years One out of Three children under the age of 10 Will Develop Diabetes"!  that's a scary thought!  
consider this
"the food you eat is broken down by your body's digestive system.  once the food is metabolized it is sent throughout the bloodstream to form New Cells.  your body is made up of 60 trillion cells.  many of these cells Die Every day and the nutrients we Consume Help to create and generate Replacement cells. the food we eat today determines the body and the health we will have tomorrow"...  you have the privilege and power to choose what type of foods you feed your ultimately helping or hindering your health for tomorrow. "we as a nation have strayed from the whole foods that were meant to be our primary food source.  we eat junk foods, processed foods, and prepackaged foods that make us overweight, undernourished, and unable to live the exciting lives that we are meant to live.  we are eating ourselves into an early grave -not just metaphorically, but literally.  in our society we say yes to any and every indulgence that looks appetizing and appealing and this is the results in a palate that causes weight gain, an increased desire for junk food, and the tendency to lead a sedentary and even lackluster life.  it's Time to make a change.... find the right balance in your diet"  -Dr. Asa Andrew
cliche' or not
as the ol' famous saying goes.... "You are What you Eat"!  

Friday, February 6, 2009

take a long sniff

follow your nose
yep that's right... what you breathe in can actually help Boost your health - or Not -depending on what you're sniffing!  last fall i began seeing a Natural nurse practitioner in dc who has been such a blessing.  one of the Many things he suggested that has been a help to me personally was to add several drops of lavender oil - eucalyptus oil -and peppermint oil to a humidifier at night in my room - a little aromatherapy if you will- & let me tell you -wow- my sleeping has def. improved.  incase you didn't know - lavender oil is very calming and helps encourage a more restful sleep.  eucalyptus oil is cleansing and helps aid in any type of congestion - and peppermint oil is a 'cooling' oil and helps with digestion.  drops of these oils and many others can also be placed in pressure points of your body -and even on your sheets.  oh and i must add that my husband is also reaping the benefits and has asked me to turn on the humidifier on nights i wasn't going to.
breathe much?
obviously we all breathe -we have to in order to live.  but did you know that most of us actually breathe Wrong?  yep that's right!  "breathing, our first independent activity when we are born is taken for granted as an automatic function.  however due to habits developed in response to illness, emotional trauma, and other experiences, many people do not breathe properly.  it has been estimated that we Eliminate only about 30% of the Toxins in our bodies through defecation and urination- the rest are purged through the respiratory system.  in other words, if you don't Breathe correctly, you are Accumulating Toxins and Wastes in your body.  practice Deep, Slow rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing daily and you will reap the rewards of better energy, improved skin complexion, clearer mind, and elevated moods." -Dr. Maoshing Ni "Secrets of Longevity" -also something my natural n.p. has reminded me to get in the habit of doing.
what's in the air you breathe?
that's why it's so very important to also have a great amount of ventilation if you use cleaning products that contain chemicals.  the Chemicals in most cleaning products are quite toxic and have been linked to numerous diseases - so it's not only important to wash up after handling such ingredients, but it's also important to realize just how much is being released into the air that you breathe- because what you breathe in Does seep into your blood stream... something to think about huh!
take a nice Long Deep breath - grab yourself some organic essential oils sometime - and pay attention to what's in the air around you (even those scented candles you like to light- i'll save that for another blog).    oh- and kudos to all of you who exercise on a regular basis - you are def. breathing better than most- and your body thanks you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

White Rice. The Naked Rice!

naked rice?
yes that's what I said!  call me crazy but until just a year or so ago I did not know that white rice begins as Brown rice!   if you knew that - good for you!  
the facts
"once the outer coating of rice bran is hulled off, not a lot of nutrients remain.  a thousand years ago chinese physicians discovered that white rice, devoid of the B vitamins in the bran, led to beriberi, a deficiency in thiamine (B1).  modern research has identified a wealth of nutrients in the bran coating of brown rice.  it is remarkable effective in lowering high blood sugar and therefore serves as an excellent food for diabetics.  rice bran contains more than Seventy Antioxidants including the well-known aging fighters vitamin E, glutathione, peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, coenzyme Q-10..."
smart farmers
"it is no wonder that rural farmers in asia who eat brown rice because white rice is too expensive, live longer and develop fewer health problems than their city-dwelling counterparts who eat mostly white rice."
next time you're planning on adding rice to your plate ... make sure it's Brown.  oh... and fried rice does NOT count as brown rice!  that's a whole other blog! 

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Organic? what's all the fuss??

what should have been my first blog
okay -so i realized that this probably should have been my first blog- being as it defines my theme and will enlighten some on what Organic really means & why it is important =)
define Organic
"Organic foods are made according to certain production standards, meaning they are grown without the use of conventional pesticides and artificial fertilizers, free from contamination by human or industrial waste, and processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. if livestock are involved, they Must be reared WithOut the routine use of Antibiotics and WithOut the use of Growth Hormones, and generally fed a healthy diet.  in Most countries Organic produce may Not be genetically Modified. " let me stop right there.... 
what confuses some
some people are confused into thinking that it does Not matter if you eat a conventional (non-Organic) vegetable -fruit -etc. if you are peeling off the outer layer -because after all isn't that the layer that pesticides touch - or by washing off your food -all of the chemicals wash away.  Not True.  if you take a moment to look into the true growth of our foods the soil from which things begin is just as important.  when Fertilizers are sprayed - all bugs and or natural things of the earth are killed off ... now did you know that God created those bugs to preform their Natural duties for a reason?  those little pests actually help break down the soil and allow more nutrients to then go into the food on your plate (or not on your plate depending on what you buy).  did you know for instance that an Organic tomato has 10X more nutrients and 'good stuff' in it than a conventional tomato??  & speaking of....
gassing tomatoes...what?
something i learned thanks to one of our great YA-s from our group who attends church with a man who worked at a factory bringing in tomatoes by the truck load... that those tomatoes came in on the truck green ...then got 'gassed' and road out on the truck red!!!  seriously ... think about that for a moment... what part of that is Natural at all???  
so the next time
you are out at your favorite restaurant and select a salad from the menu ... don't necessarily think you are doing your body a great favor.  your body would Much More greatly benefit from a plate full of Organic veggies then a pile of iceberg lettuce with some 'gassed' tomatoes and cheese on top from the milk of cows that have been given growth hormones to create a faster milk production -then treated with antibiotics (this will be a later blog)!  SERIOUSLY ...when did we as people think that quantity really became more important than Quality?

Friday, January 30, 2009

SWEET potatoes & yams

not just for holidays
did you know how Good Sweet potatoes & yams are for you?  well let me enlighten you a bit
"these powerhouse foods contain higher amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin C than carrots, more protein than wheat and rice, and more fiber than oat bran.  sweet potatoes and yams also happen to be a rich source of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).  this is a precursor hormone- a substance that remains latent until it converts into a hormone that the Body Needs.  DHEA can become Estrogen, Progesterone, or Testosterone, ALL essential for your body's ANTI-AGING defenses to work.  as one ages, however, the body's level of precursor hormones like DHEA drop precipitously.  EAT these vegetables Year-Round and celebrate a long life!"  
by Dr. Maoshing Ni in his book titled "Secrets of Longevity, hundreds of ways to live to be 100"

so why not bake a sweet potato instead os a plain potato next time you're in the mood!  i know my son LOVES sweet potatoes... we think that could be why he also LOVES the song..."song of the south.... Sweet Potato pie & i shut my mouth..."  *yeah that came out of the blue for us too*lol 

Thursday, January 29, 2009


super what??
Avocados- that's what! you may not like avocados or guacamole but after this little fact you may want to grab a tortilla and try some again! avocados contain phytochemicals that have been proven to help fight cancerous cells! the study used the most commonly sold avocado, the Hass variety, available in almost any grocery. so why not grab one next time your out shopping - you are definitely doing your body good! i told my boss this little tid-bit today because he LOVES avocados and has eaten plenty over his 61 years -needless to say he enjoyed hearing that fact on one of his favorite fruits! so how about making a great dip for your superbowl party on sunday - personally i like mixing avocado with my favorite salsa ("drew's organic salsa") adding in some black beans and digging in w/ a great big tortilla chip & for you cheese lovers - just melt some right on top and you've got a great healthy superbowl snack - one where you don't have to feel guilty about going back for seconds... or thirds!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd random fact...

okay one more for today....
did you know that grapes are one of the Most Pesticide laden crops in the world!  up to 240 different chemicals are involved in the making of conventional wines!  so if you do choose to have a glass of your favorite red wine with dinner... why not make it an Organic wine!  i'm Certain you'll taste a difference!

now in no way am i advocating drinking - actually quite the opposite!  but for those out there who believe a glass of grape juice won't do the heart as much good - at least i wanted to enlighten you on a new fact!

1st little random fact....

yes buying Organic junk food like chips and cookies is better for you.  why?  because these junk food items come from foods grown without pesticides & whose flavorings come from fat, salt, and cheese rather than chemical burdens on MSG & a host of other Synthetic Lab-Generated flavors!
-from "Green Babies Sage Moms"

so find a new box of cookies you like and eat up!

still learning...

a More Organic Sommer
so i have decided to create a blog page.  some think i've gone a bit too far in my research this past year on "going Organic" & my seeking out more Natural ways to help your body ward off pesky colds and the more serious health concerns of today so i've decided to stop annoying those around me with my latest findings and create this blog - that way - if you WANT to -you can read about my crazy but 'duh' findings IF and only IF you want to - no pressure! LoL

a little background
i guess this new pursuit for me began while i was pregnant with my son - well let me go back even a bit further....
As some already know - joe was diagnosed with chron's disease about 3 years ago.  I must stop and Thank God though that he doesn't possess any awful symptoms that a lot of people living with this disease do - and if you ask him - he would be sure to Thank the Lord too!  so when we were given that diagnosis we were given books - from loving and concerned family members.  joe was actually given the books but of course i was the one reading them! LoL  so wonderful wisdom packed books like the "Maker's Diet" -"the Great Physician" & "Patient Heal Thyself" just to name a few- are a blessed part of our little library.  *i highly recommend them to ANYONE*  little did i know at the time that God had begun placing the desire in ME to search and seek out a more healthy and natural way to live.

& baby will make 3
i learned an amazing 'duh' fact while i was pregnant.... what you put on your skin -even for as little as 10-20 seconds can affect you.  as most know - my skin has been far from perfect since the ol' puberty stage.  most of the time i can seemingly keep things under control by using cleansers and creams my dermatologist prescribes but while i was pregnant she immediately took me off of them and told me to use over-the-counter items.  well again i must pause and Thank God because while pregnant my skin was the best it's ever been!  but that got me to thinking - WOW - it's crazy that something i use for not even a minute at a time twice a day could seep into my blood stream and possibly affect my growing baby in some way ... thus began my new search into more Natural and Organic ways of life!

andrew James clark
our gift from God!  my little inspiration!  since i am giving a bit of a background on what's become an awaking to me i must give a small example in this brief bio as to a "YES there IS a difference" moment i had!  again -as a lot of you taking the time to read this already know - when drew began eating baby food we fed him from the great Organic brands out there & i must tell you they are worth every extra penny you spend.  & yes i did notice a difference!  1st may i suggest you taste test them for yourselves - that might just be proof enough without all the facts.  okay so the noticeable difference came when andrew and i joined my family on a trip to Cape May last summer.  while there i ran out of food for him so i ran down to the local grocery store -only to be disappointed b/c their organic stock of baby items was none -didn't exist.  so i bought him several jars of the food he had been eating just in the conventional form and fed that to him over the next couple days.  well that was a moment of proof to my family at least that there Must be a difference.  the poor little guys bowel habits became very un-normal (i will spare you details) - so i went on a hunt for another grocery store -switched him back to an Organic brand - and sure enough ... my little man was back on track!  now i know some of you may think -well i feed my baby food all the time that's not Organic and their fine - but the thing is -and that i learned - since andrew's body wasn't use to being filled with extra 'stuff' (chemicals in conventional baby food) on a normal basis -he was having a reaction to it.  so that was proof enough to me that my money was being well spent.

what to expect
so this new blog of mine is going to be devoted to little tid-bits i find here and there - facts that have been in existence since the beginning of time - if only we knew about them since the beginning of OUR time - we'd definitely be better off today - in some way shape or form!  all the info. to come will be based on the knowledge other's have gained and shared through the many books i seek out on various subjects.  i won't quote where my sources always come from - but i will gladly share if you ask.

what Not to expect
please do not be confused in thinking that i believe in any way to be better in raising my child - caring for myself or my family -then the next person out there.  goodness knows you could come into my home today and find TONS of things that would be considered "toxic" or "unsafe".  no - what i'd be happy for you to think is that i'm just a woman - a wife - a mom - a child of the King - who is in search of some of the answers out there today as to why we live in a world consumed by the ever growing number of diseases - and what on earth is there that i could do in even the smallest way to help my family out.

i hope
i hope you enjoy reading a few of the little facts - tips & tid-bits in my upcoming blogs.  please feel free to share any and All comments with me. whether they be nice or critical - i've got a more thick skin now - and definitely don't take things to heart.  after all - we're All different - God made No two of us alike - He's a Creator -not a duplicator- so i don't expect positive reactions from all my posts - i only just Pray that at least one makes you think "ah-ha" & "duh" every once in a while =)