Saturday, February 21, 2009

bubbles & your bones

for all you Soda lovers
okay ... so yes i use to love soda too - especially cherry coke - it was truly once a weakness of mine especially while watching a movie and eating popcorn -could hardly do without.... that is until i read some Disturbing and Alarming Facts!  for example... did you know that the average soda has the equivalent to at least 9 teaspoons of sugar?  if that little tid bit doesn't get you (it didn't me at first either) here's another that may hit home if any of you have family members who suffer from this....
"beverages with bubbles contain phosphoric acid, which is harmful to calcium metabolism and Diminishes Bone Mass.  this means that drinking sodas and carbonated water Increases your risk of Osteoporosis.  sometimes carbonation occurs naturally, as in certain spring water, but unfortunately this too has High Levels of phosphoric acid.  if you're going to live a good long time you'll need healthy bones, so it's best to choose teas, light juice blends, and flat spring water to quench your thirst" -Dr. Maoshing Ni "Secrets of Longevity"
and we wonder why
ever wonder why SO MANY kids these day are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD??  i sure do.  well i'm def. no doctor -as you all know - but this little tid-bit did make me wonder if there is perhaps any connection??  "soft drinks are a problem not only for what they contain but for what they push out of the diet.  in 1977-78 boys consumed More that twice as much Milk as soft drinks and girls consumed 50% more milk than soft drinks.  by 1994-96 Both boys and girls consumed Twice as much Soda as milk!  heavy soft drink consumption is associated with Lower Intake of Numerous Vitamins, Minerals & dietary Fiber" also "frequent consumers of soft drinks may be at higher risk of Kidney Stones and slightly higher risk of Heart Disease" -Liquid Candy -CSPI
but don't worry
"now that you have the facts and you're staring at a month's supply of soda you just bought, don't panic.  your purchase need not go to waste.  according to numerous household cleaning web sites, soda CAN clean your Toilet, eliminate Rust from a car bumper, and remove Grease from clothing. not kidding!" -Carol Candeloro "the truth about soda"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Incredible Edible Egg

forget what you've heard
i heard of several people who have been told to remove egg yolks from their diet in order to control their cholesterol -have you?  well i have news for them... and for you... the Whole Egg is great for you Yolk and all!
downfall of the 50's
"the 'Egg Scare' started in the 1950s during a promotional campaign that condemned cholesterol.  patients and doctors held fast to the idea that eggs should be avoided because of their high cholesterol content, despite the fact that hundreds of studies show that the amount of cholesterol we eat has little influence on our blood cholesterol levels.  a study in the British Medical Journal showed that seven eggs per week combined with a low-glycemic carbohydrates and high fiber did not raise cholesterol levels at all.  the cholesterol level inside the yolk is high, But eggs yolks are also high in two Key Components: choline and lecithin.  choline Dissolves cholesterol in our arteries, so when the Whole Egg is eaten and digested, its Healing properties are sent throughout the bloodstream.  after digestion, the choline inside the egg yolk Dissolves the cholesterol and already in the arteries, and Lecithin actually takes Fat and Cholesterol and Melts it so that it can be passed through the body and Not attach to artery walls!.... God knew what He was doing when He made the Whole Egg!"  Dr. Asa Andrew "empowering your health"
so the next time you make or order Eggs ... eat the Yolk too!  your body will thank you!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


remember when
"do you remember making papier-mache' in elementary school?  you used Flour and water to make a Glue that was hard as concrete.  it has a Similar effect in the body.  Processed Flour Blocks the absorption of nutrients in our digestive systems.  if you are going to eat Bread, choose Sprouted Grain bread such as Ezekiel bread or spelt bread.  remember if the flour product is Not Frozen it has been Processed." -Dr. Asa Andrew "Empowering Your Health"  Okay so does that make you think or what??
Ezekiel bread...?
Ezekiel bread is great - i've been eating this type of bread for over a year now - and you can find it in the frozen section of the newer Giant stores and of course Whole Foods and most any health food store.  there are several different kinds... drew & i love the cinnamon raisin bread.  
another little tid-bit
according to the American Diabetes Association "if we don't change our eating habits, in the next few years One out of Three children under the age of 10 Will Develop Diabetes"!  that's a scary thought!  
consider this
"the food you eat is broken down by your body's digestive system.  once the food is metabolized it is sent throughout the bloodstream to form New Cells.  your body is made up of 60 trillion cells.  many of these cells Die Every day and the nutrients we Consume Help to create and generate Replacement cells. the food we eat today determines the body and the health we will have tomorrow"...  you have the privilege and power to choose what type of foods you feed your ultimately helping or hindering your health for tomorrow. "we as a nation have strayed from the whole foods that were meant to be our primary food source.  we eat junk foods, processed foods, and prepackaged foods that make us overweight, undernourished, and unable to live the exciting lives that we are meant to live.  we are eating ourselves into an early grave -not just metaphorically, but literally.  in our society we say yes to any and every indulgence that looks appetizing and appealing and this is the results in a palate that causes weight gain, an increased desire for junk food, and the tendency to lead a sedentary and even lackluster life.  it's Time to make a change.... find the right balance in your diet"  -Dr. Asa Andrew
cliche' or not
as the ol' famous saying goes.... "You are What you Eat"!  

Friday, February 6, 2009

take a long sniff

follow your nose
yep that's right... what you breathe in can actually help Boost your health - or Not -depending on what you're sniffing!  last fall i began seeing a Natural nurse practitioner in dc who has been such a blessing.  one of the Many things he suggested that has been a help to me personally was to add several drops of lavender oil - eucalyptus oil -and peppermint oil to a humidifier at night in my room - a little aromatherapy if you will- & let me tell you -wow- my sleeping has def. improved.  incase you didn't know - lavender oil is very calming and helps encourage a more restful sleep.  eucalyptus oil is cleansing and helps aid in any type of congestion - and peppermint oil is a 'cooling' oil and helps with digestion.  drops of these oils and many others can also be placed in pressure points of your body -and even on your sheets.  oh and i must add that my husband is also reaping the benefits and has asked me to turn on the humidifier on nights i wasn't going to.
breathe much?
obviously we all breathe -we have to in order to live.  but did you know that most of us actually breathe Wrong?  yep that's right!  "breathing, our first independent activity when we are born is taken for granted as an automatic function.  however due to habits developed in response to illness, emotional trauma, and other experiences, many people do not breathe properly.  it has been estimated that we Eliminate only about 30% of the Toxins in our bodies through defecation and urination- the rest are purged through the respiratory system.  in other words, if you don't Breathe correctly, you are Accumulating Toxins and Wastes in your body.  practice Deep, Slow rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing daily and you will reap the rewards of better energy, improved skin complexion, clearer mind, and elevated moods." -Dr. Maoshing Ni "Secrets of Longevity" -also something my natural n.p. has reminded me to get in the habit of doing.
what's in the air you breathe?
that's why it's so very important to also have a great amount of ventilation if you use cleaning products that contain chemicals.  the Chemicals in most cleaning products are quite toxic and have been linked to numerous diseases - so it's not only important to wash up after handling such ingredients, but it's also important to realize just how much is being released into the air that you breathe- because what you breathe in Does seep into your blood stream... something to think about huh!
take a nice Long Deep breath - grab yourself some organic essential oils sometime - and pay attention to what's in the air around you (even those scented candles you like to light- i'll save that for another blog).    oh- and kudos to all of you who exercise on a regular basis - you are def. breathing better than most- and your body thanks you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

White Rice. The Naked Rice!

naked rice?
yes that's what I said!  call me crazy but until just a year or so ago I did not know that white rice begins as Brown rice!   if you knew that - good for you!  
the facts
"once the outer coating of rice bran is hulled off, not a lot of nutrients remain.  a thousand years ago chinese physicians discovered that white rice, devoid of the B vitamins in the bran, led to beriberi, a deficiency in thiamine (B1).  modern research has identified a wealth of nutrients in the bran coating of brown rice.  it is remarkable effective in lowering high blood sugar and therefore serves as an excellent food for diabetics.  rice bran contains more than Seventy Antioxidants including the well-known aging fighters vitamin E, glutathione, peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, coenzyme Q-10..."
smart farmers
"it is no wonder that rural farmers in asia who eat brown rice because white rice is too expensive, live longer and develop fewer health problems than their city-dwelling counterparts who eat mostly white rice."
next time you're planning on adding rice to your plate ... make sure it's Brown.  oh... and fried rice does NOT count as brown rice!  that's a whole other blog!