Tuesday, August 4, 2009

letS thInk aBout tHis....

as my husband brought to my attention
on the news last week... at least in our area - there was a report given that a long term study had been done on the health benefits of eating Organic - reporting that there was no added nutritional value when comparing Organic & conventional (non-organic) foods.  
my question to you
since when is everything that's reported on the news - true?  i believe it's quite sad that a news report such as this one can cause people to throw up there hands - and beliefs - that their Organic practices in food purchases have gone on in vain.  i personally don't buy into this report - completely.  when i say 'completely' what i mean by this is that even if there is some truth behind the study done - a complete study can not come across as truth until both sides are greatly exposed.  
being vague in the description on 'nutritional' differences may lead some to believe that their body receives no different health advantage over choosing to eat Organic.   this would be incorrect.  if we take this study at face value and say there is no gain in nutritional value - what we miss is the gain in toxins and pesticides!  this kind of study i can only hope - at best - causes some to buy Organic when what they are buying will be consumed in it's entirety - meaning skin and all - example a tomato or strawberry vs. a banana or pineapple (where you don't consume the outer portion).  it surely doesn't take much for someone to realize that when foods get sprayed with chemicals to keep bugs off - those chemicals are being absorbed by that food to some degree -which will later be consumed by the buyer.  if you need more proof on this - just take a limp piece of celery and stick it in some water and watch it perk right up.  foods will absorb some of what they come in contact with - much like the human skin absorbs up to 60% of what we place on it!  proof in that would be in the sales of nicotine patches and the birth control patch -but that's a whole other story in & of itself.
i said all that to say this
despite the latest news report it doesn't take much research on your part to realize there are benefits to buying Organic when possible.  there IS more nutritional value in a tomato that wasn't 'sprayed with gas while green to come out on a truck ready for the market a nice shiny red' - and no news report will get me to believe otherwise. just check the facts for yourself... that's all i can ask! 

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