Monday, December 28, 2009

After the Holidays... YOU deserve a Massage!

no better time then the present
so everyone knows that the Christmas Season can definitely stress us out! we're running from store to store - house to house -buying and spending - giving and receiving -it's all really enough to make any sane person through their hands up and say "wow I can't wait for it all to be over"! and how very sad is that? the happiest time of the year turns out to be a rush that a lot of people are looking forward to putting behind them while looking forward to getting back to their daily routine. i say to those people - myself included - WE deserve a MASSAGE! and for those penny pinchers - here are plenty of HEALTHY reasons why you should NOT feel guilty spending a little bit on yourself... your loved ones will also thank you!
eliminate those toxins
if you didn't know - your body is full of toxins -whether they be attained through your Christmas munchies and binging or through the outside world around us -either way it's a fact that we can build up and overload our system. so a MASSAGE is a great was to 'stimulate the lymphatic system helping to reduce fluid retention and eliminate toxins'.
get your blood flowing
a great way other than the obvious 'get out and exercise way' to increase your Oxygen is... yes.. a massage. increasing the Oxygen and Nutrient supply to the tissues by increasing the blood circulation' -something a massage definitely helps make happen! and we all know that when our oxygen levels are up and our blood is flowing we just plain feel better ...our endorphins are flowing -you know -the body's natural 'happy drug' -hence why your loved ones will thank you!
hormones hormones
ask any man and i'm sure he will tell you that women's hormones are to blame for a lot of things! lol - again -another reason to convince your man that a massage will be money well spent - it 'helps to restore balance and to regulate hormone production in the body'!
a cold and flu fighter?
around this time of year you begin to hear a lot of people asking "have you had your flu shot"? these days it seems like such a normal thing to inquire... however... why not ask someone if they've had a massage... which "stimulates that body's NATURAL IMMUNE system"! and if you know me - you know i am much more about "Natural" than I am man made-mass produced anything! for all those who have gotten their flu shot -don't hate me- just keep building up your system in other natural ways too! =)
stress-we all feel it
stress ...stressed out... tight muscles... headaches... we've all felt those things at one time or another! a great way to "reduce bodily tensions and easing stiff, tight muscles that can be caused by stress" is booking a nice hands-on professional to help!
energy drained-mind chaotic
with all the running that we do even on a daily basis - it all seems elevated during this time of year -draining us from our energy -leaving us longing for our bed at night -desiring for the kids to call it a night hours before their bedtime - no wonder so many look forward to getting beyond Christmas! so... i know you already know what's coming... but a massage actually 'helps increase energy levels, promotes a general state of happiness and well-being, and calms and soothes the mind'!
enough said
so... i hope that i have convinced you that you NEED to splurge on yourself ... and if money is an object then put that loved one of yours to work! you deserve it! now i'm going to sign off and make myself an appointment today!

*facts from "the detox cookbook" by Maggie Pannell*

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