Wednesday, January 28, 2009

still learning...

a More Organic Sommer
so i have decided to create a blog page.  some think i've gone a bit too far in my research this past year on "going Organic" & my seeking out more Natural ways to help your body ward off pesky colds and the more serious health concerns of today so i've decided to stop annoying those around me with my latest findings and create this blog - that way - if you WANT to -you can read about my crazy but 'duh' findings IF and only IF you want to - no pressure! LoL

a little background
i guess this new pursuit for me began while i was pregnant with my son - well let me go back even a bit further....
As some already know - joe was diagnosed with chron's disease about 3 years ago.  I must stop and Thank God though that he doesn't possess any awful symptoms that a lot of people living with this disease do - and if you ask him - he would be sure to Thank the Lord too!  so when we were given that diagnosis we were given books - from loving and concerned family members.  joe was actually given the books but of course i was the one reading them! LoL  so wonderful wisdom packed books like the "Maker's Diet" -"the Great Physician" & "Patient Heal Thyself" just to name a few- are a blessed part of our little library.  *i highly recommend them to ANYONE*  little did i know at the time that God had begun placing the desire in ME to search and seek out a more healthy and natural way to live.

& baby will make 3
i learned an amazing 'duh' fact while i was pregnant.... what you put on your skin -even for as little as 10-20 seconds can affect you.  as most know - my skin has been far from perfect since the ol' puberty stage.  most of the time i can seemingly keep things under control by using cleansers and creams my dermatologist prescribes but while i was pregnant she immediately took me off of them and told me to use over-the-counter items.  well again i must pause and Thank God because while pregnant my skin was the best it's ever been!  but that got me to thinking - WOW - it's crazy that something i use for not even a minute at a time twice a day could seep into my blood stream and possibly affect my growing baby in some way ... thus began my new search into more Natural and Organic ways of life!

andrew James clark
our gift from God!  my little inspiration!  since i am giving a bit of a background on what's become an awaking to me i must give a small example in this brief bio as to a "YES there IS a difference" moment i had!  again -as a lot of you taking the time to read this already know - when drew began eating baby food we fed him from the great Organic brands out there & i must tell you they are worth every extra penny you spend.  & yes i did notice a difference!  1st may i suggest you taste test them for yourselves - that might just be proof enough without all the facts.  okay so the noticeable difference came when andrew and i joined my family on a trip to Cape May last summer.  while there i ran out of food for him so i ran down to the local grocery store -only to be disappointed b/c their organic stock of baby items was none -didn't exist.  so i bought him several jars of the food he had been eating just in the conventional form and fed that to him over the next couple days.  well that was a moment of proof to my family at least that there Must be a difference.  the poor little guys bowel habits became very un-normal (i will spare you details) - so i went on a hunt for another grocery store -switched him back to an Organic brand - and sure enough ... my little man was back on track!  now i know some of you may think -well i feed my baby food all the time that's not Organic and their fine - but the thing is -and that i learned - since andrew's body wasn't use to being filled with extra 'stuff' (chemicals in conventional baby food) on a normal basis -he was having a reaction to it.  so that was proof enough to me that my money was being well spent.

what to expect
so this new blog of mine is going to be devoted to little tid-bits i find here and there - facts that have been in existence since the beginning of time - if only we knew about them since the beginning of OUR time - we'd definitely be better off today - in some way shape or form!  all the info. to come will be based on the knowledge other's have gained and shared through the many books i seek out on various subjects.  i won't quote where my sources always come from - but i will gladly share if you ask.

what Not to expect
please do not be confused in thinking that i believe in any way to be better in raising my child - caring for myself or my family -then the next person out there.  goodness knows you could come into my home today and find TONS of things that would be considered "toxic" or "unsafe".  no - what i'd be happy for you to think is that i'm just a woman - a wife - a mom - a child of the King - who is in search of some of the answers out there today as to why we live in a world consumed by the ever growing number of diseases - and what on earth is there that i could do in even the smallest way to help my family out.

i hope
i hope you enjoy reading a few of the little facts - tips & tid-bits in my upcoming blogs.  please feel free to share any and All comments with me. whether they be nice or critical - i've got a more thick skin now - and definitely don't take things to heart.  after all - we're All different - God made No two of us alike - He's a Creator -not a duplicator- so i don't expect positive reactions from all my posts - i only just Pray that at least one makes you think "ah-ha" & "duh" every once in a while =)

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