Saturday, January 31, 2009

Organic? what's all the fuss??

what should have been my first blog
okay -so i realized that this probably should have been my first blog- being as it defines my theme and will enlighten some on what Organic really means & why it is important =)
define Organic
"Organic foods are made according to certain production standards, meaning they are grown without the use of conventional pesticides and artificial fertilizers, free from contamination by human or industrial waste, and processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. if livestock are involved, they Must be reared WithOut the routine use of Antibiotics and WithOut the use of Growth Hormones, and generally fed a healthy diet.  in Most countries Organic produce may Not be genetically Modified. " let me stop right there.... 
what confuses some
some people are confused into thinking that it does Not matter if you eat a conventional (non-Organic) vegetable -fruit -etc. if you are peeling off the outer layer -because after all isn't that the layer that pesticides touch - or by washing off your food -all of the chemicals wash away.  Not True.  if you take a moment to look into the true growth of our foods the soil from which things begin is just as important.  when Fertilizers are sprayed - all bugs and or natural things of the earth are killed off ... now did you know that God created those bugs to preform their Natural duties for a reason?  those little pests actually help break down the soil and allow more nutrients to then go into the food on your plate (or not on your plate depending on what you buy).  did you know for instance that an Organic tomato has 10X more nutrients and 'good stuff' in it than a conventional tomato??  & speaking of....
gassing tomatoes...what?
something i learned thanks to one of our great YA-s from our group who attends church with a man who worked at a factory bringing in tomatoes by the truck load... that those tomatoes came in on the truck green ...then got 'gassed' and road out on the truck red!!!  seriously ... think about that for a moment... what part of that is Natural at all???  
so the next time
you are out at your favorite restaurant and select a salad from the menu ... don't necessarily think you are doing your body a great favor.  your body would Much More greatly benefit from a plate full of Organic veggies then a pile of iceberg lettuce with some 'gassed' tomatoes and cheese on top from the milk of cows that have been given growth hormones to create a faster milk production -then treated with antibiotics (this will be a later blog)!  SERIOUSLY ...when did we as people think that quantity really became more important than Quality?

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