Thursday, February 5, 2009

White Rice. The Naked Rice!

naked rice?
yes that's what I said!  call me crazy but until just a year or so ago I did not know that white rice begins as Brown rice!   if you knew that - good for you!  
the facts
"once the outer coating of rice bran is hulled off, not a lot of nutrients remain.  a thousand years ago chinese physicians discovered that white rice, devoid of the B vitamins in the bran, led to beriberi, a deficiency in thiamine (B1).  modern research has identified a wealth of nutrients in the bran coating of brown rice.  it is remarkable effective in lowering high blood sugar and therefore serves as an excellent food for diabetics.  rice bran contains more than Seventy Antioxidants including the well-known aging fighters vitamin E, glutathione, peroxidase, superoxide dismutase, coenzyme Q-10..."
smart farmers
"it is no wonder that rural farmers in asia who eat brown rice because white rice is too expensive, live longer and develop fewer health problems than their city-dwelling counterparts who eat mostly white rice."
next time you're planning on adding rice to your plate ... make sure it's Brown.  oh... and fried rice does NOT count as brown rice!  that's a whole other blog! 

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