Saturday, February 7, 2009


remember when
"do you remember making papier-mache' in elementary school?  you used Flour and water to make a Glue that was hard as concrete.  it has a Similar effect in the body.  Processed Flour Blocks the absorption of nutrients in our digestive systems.  if you are going to eat Bread, choose Sprouted Grain bread such as Ezekiel bread or spelt bread.  remember if the flour product is Not Frozen it has been Processed." -Dr. Asa Andrew "Empowering Your Health"  Okay so does that make you think or what??
Ezekiel bread...?
Ezekiel bread is great - i've been eating this type of bread for over a year now - and you can find it in the frozen section of the newer Giant stores and of course Whole Foods and most any health food store.  there are several different kinds... drew & i love the cinnamon raisin bread.  
another little tid-bit
according to the American Diabetes Association "if we don't change our eating habits, in the next few years One out of Three children under the age of 10 Will Develop Diabetes"!  that's a scary thought!  
consider this
"the food you eat is broken down by your body's digestive system.  once the food is metabolized it is sent throughout the bloodstream to form New Cells.  your body is made up of 60 trillion cells.  many of these cells Die Every day and the nutrients we Consume Help to create and generate Replacement cells. the food we eat today determines the body and the health we will have tomorrow"...  you have the privilege and power to choose what type of foods you feed your ultimately helping or hindering your health for tomorrow. "we as a nation have strayed from the whole foods that were meant to be our primary food source.  we eat junk foods, processed foods, and prepackaged foods that make us overweight, undernourished, and unable to live the exciting lives that we are meant to live.  we are eating ourselves into an early grave -not just metaphorically, but literally.  in our society we say yes to any and every indulgence that looks appetizing and appealing and this is the results in a palate that causes weight gain, an increased desire for junk food, and the tendency to lead a sedentary and even lackluster life.  it's Time to make a change.... find the right balance in your diet"  -Dr. Asa Andrew
cliche' or not
as the ol' famous saying goes.... "You are What you Eat"!  

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