Friday, February 6, 2009

take a long sniff

follow your nose
yep that's right... what you breathe in can actually help Boost your health - or Not -depending on what you're sniffing!  last fall i began seeing a Natural nurse practitioner in dc who has been such a blessing.  one of the Many things he suggested that has been a help to me personally was to add several drops of lavender oil - eucalyptus oil -and peppermint oil to a humidifier at night in my room - a little aromatherapy if you will- & let me tell you -wow- my sleeping has def. improved.  incase you didn't know - lavender oil is very calming and helps encourage a more restful sleep.  eucalyptus oil is cleansing and helps aid in any type of congestion - and peppermint oil is a 'cooling' oil and helps with digestion.  drops of these oils and many others can also be placed in pressure points of your body -and even on your sheets.  oh and i must add that my husband is also reaping the benefits and has asked me to turn on the humidifier on nights i wasn't going to.
breathe much?
obviously we all breathe -we have to in order to live.  but did you know that most of us actually breathe Wrong?  yep that's right!  "breathing, our first independent activity when we are born is taken for granted as an automatic function.  however due to habits developed in response to illness, emotional trauma, and other experiences, many people do not breathe properly.  it has been estimated that we Eliminate only about 30% of the Toxins in our bodies through defecation and urination- the rest are purged through the respiratory system.  in other words, if you don't Breathe correctly, you are Accumulating Toxins and Wastes in your body.  practice Deep, Slow rhythmic diaphragmatic breathing daily and you will reap the rewards of better energy, improved skin complexion, clearer mind, and elevated moods." -Dr. Maoshing Ni "Secrets of Longevity" -also something my natural n.p. has reminded me to get in the habit of doing.
what's in the air you breathe?
that's why it's so very important to also have a great amount of ventilation if you use cleaning products that contain chemicals.  the Chemicals in most cleaning products are quite toxic and have been linked to numerous diseases - so it's not only important to wash up after handling such ingredients, but it's also important to realize just how much is being released into the air that you breathe- because what you breathe in Does seep into your blood stream... something to think about huh!
take a nice Long Deep breath - grab yourself some organic essential oils sometime - and pay attention to what's in the air around you (even those scented candles you like to light- i'll save that for another blog).    oh- and kudos to all of you who exercise on a regular basis - you are def. breathing better than most- and your body thanks you!

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