Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Incredible Edible Egg

forget what you've heard
i heard of several people who have been told to remove egg yolks from their diet in order to control their cholesterol -have you?  well i have news for them... and for you... the Whole Egg is great for you Yolk and all!
downfall of the 50's
"the 'Egg Scare' started in the 1950s during a promotional campaign that condemned cholesterol.  patients and doctors held fast to the idea that eggs should be avoided because of their high cholesterol content, despite the fact that hundreds of studies show that the amount of cholesterol we eat has little influence on our blood cholesterol levels.  a study in the British Medical Journal showed that seven eggs per week combined with a low-glycemic carbohydrates and high fiber did not raise cholesterol levels at all.  the cholesterol level inside the yolk is high, But eggs yolks are also high in two Key Components: choline and lecithin.  choline Dissolves cholesterol in our arteries, so when the Whole Egg is eaten and digested, its Healing properties are sent throughout the bloodstream.  after digestion, the choline inside the egg yolk Dissolves the cholesterol and already in the arteries, and Lecithin actually takes Fat and Cholesterol and Melts it so that it can be passed through the body and Not attach to artery walls!.... God knew what He was doing when He made the Whole Egg!"  Dr. Asa Andrew "empowering your health"
so the next time you make or order Eggs ... eat the Yolk too!  your body will thank you!

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